Quick Tip - Punching Balloons with the Balloon Bouquet Punch

Hi there

Yesterday I showed you some cards using the Balloon Bouquet Punch and promised a tip on how to use the punch.

As you can see from the photo below the punch has the big and small balloon but they're not the same orientation - herein lies the problem.
 To make sure your stamped image is the same orientation and easy to line up with the punch just follow these instructions and you'll never get stuck.

When stamping the small balloon make sure it is stamped at the top of your piece of card stock and in the same direction as the photo below.  If you're stamping the big balloon make sure it is stamped at the bottom of your piece of card stock.  I prefer to use a strip of card stock rather than a small piece as it gives you something to hold while lining up the image with the punch.
 Turn your punch over so you can see the cut outs of the balloons.  You will notice the small balloon is upside down - turn your piece of card stock so that the small balloon is facing downwards and feed into the punch.  Align the stamped image with the cut out and punch.  If you had stamped your small balloon at the bottom of the card stock and fed it in it would have been upside down and wouldn't have matched the cut out. (I found this out the hard way!)
To cut out the big balloon feed the piece of card stock into the punch and align with the cut out and punch.
From now on you'll have perfectly punched balloons :)