A tidy craft space - but for how long???

Hi there

As promised here's a photo of my tidy desk - enjoy it while you can as it doesn't stay this tidy for long!

I swapped the desk and drawer unit over as the previous layout was a bit of a Health and Safety issue!  Whenever the drawers were out I had to walk/climb over them (depending how much stuff was on the floor) and would always end up with a bruise!  My ink carousel now turns easier that it is on one level and has space!  Even though my space is small I love it and can reach almost everything I need from my chair :)

This is my new Big Shot table - it's on casters so will be great to wheel into the dining room for classes when needed and all my dies and framelits come along automatically :)  Thanks to my brother for making this 25 years ago and no longer needing it.  A lick of paint and some new drawers and I'm ready to go.  It's much bigger and stronger than my previous unit which has now become a 'joint' craft and photographic storage unit.

I'm now set to craft so watch this space for new creations.

Have a great rest of the long weekend.