Swirly Bird - Slider Card

Hi there

One of the ladies from the Stampin' Up! Home Office shared a post about a special boy who is having a birthday next month and asked if some of us could send him a birthday card.  This is one of the great things about card making and the Stampin' Up! wider family.  We can brighten somebodies day by sending a card - it doesn't matter whether you know them or not.  So that's what I've done.  This card is currently winging it's way to Utah to a 10 year old I've never met but I know that his day will be a good one when he receives his birthday cards from all around the world.

I forgot to take a photo but I had stamped 'Happy Birthday - have a great day' on the inside.

This card is an interactive one - the front boat slides backwards and forwards across the page.

Have a great birthday Stephen.

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